RBMN Joins Anthracite Council for Meeting with Senator Toomey

Last week Wayne Michel and Dan Gilchrist joined with representatives of the anthracite industry to discuss issues of concern to the industry with Senator Pat Toomey in his Allentown office.

 The anthracite producers explained to the Senator that Russia was now positioned to profit from its illegal invasion into eastern Ukraine by flooding the American market with cheap anthracite from the coal mines in eastern Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine is a major international source for anthracite and the coal from those mines competes directly with Pennsylvania anthracite for use by steel mills and other companies in the southeastern United States. The Pennsylvania anthracite producers wanted to make sure that Russia did not profit from its expansion into the eastern Ukraine.

 The group also discussed the ever-increasing regulatory burdens as the Obama administration proceeds with its "War on Coal".

As the railroad that serves the Pennsylvania anthracite region, Reading & Northern stands with its customers in protecting this important Pennsylvania industry.