RBMN holds Annual “Holiday” Party April 5th

The annual RBMN holiday party was originally scheduled for Dec 14 2013 but had to be postponed due to a major snow storm that blew through the region that day.

Not to be outdone by the “Grinch” we merely rescheduled the holiday party for Apr 5th.

231 employees, spouses, and friends of the Muller Enterprises enjoyed a festive evening of food and dance.There were many hearty belated holiday exchanges of  “Happy New Year!” and even a “Merry Christmas!” or two.

Both Andy Muller and Wayne Michel addressed the crowd and expressed their appreciation and thanks to the friends and employees of the Reading & Northern, Muller Rare Coins, and Reading Jet Center.

This event is a great opportunity for employees across the system to gather together with spouses or significant others and spend time fun time with fellow coworkers and their families.

The fact that the party was in April instead of December certainly did not detract from the Holiday Spirit!