Utility Line Requirements

Communications, Electric, Pipelines, etc.

The following requirements are in ADDITION to the entry requirements:

To construct a Pipe or Wire crossing the following forms and procedures must be completed.
All forms and fees should be sent to: The Real Estate Department, PO Box 188, Port Clinton, PA 19549.

1. Submittal of a completed Pipe and Wire application with the applicable nonrefundable application fee.

2. Submittal of three copies of the crossing plans and an Engineer Review Fee of $4,700.00. Crossing plans for Wires, Conduit, and Cable occupations need to meet specifications found in the RB4 and all pipeline occupations need to meet specifications found in the RB8.

3. Submittal of a completed Temporary Entry Permit with the nonrefundable applicable fee.

4. If the Crossing Plans meet our engineer’s review, crossing construction may proceed to step 5. If the Crossing Plans do NOT meet our engineer’s review, crossing application must repeat step 2.

5. Execution of a Lease Agreement with associated annual fees must be received by RBMN before construction of crossing can begin. At which point, Contract Access Procedure must be followed. Procedure, forms, and fees can be found on the “Contractor Access Procedure” page of the Real Estate page on this website.

Specifications for Wire, Conduit, and Cable Occupations
Specifications for Pipeline Occupancy
Specifications for Working on RBMN Right of Way