Emergency Access Procedure

We understand that there are times when it is urgent to access for emergency situations. However, for safety of your company’s employees and our employees we require your cooperation before any access can be made.
In the event of an emergency please contact our Real Estate Department at realestate@readingnothern.onmicrosoft.com for assistance.
The following items will be required before access will be granted and please understand that there are emergency access fees and inspectors required in these situations.

Please prepare and email the following items:

  1. Site needs to be clearly identified and easily explained. (NOTE: An inspector will be needed for each gang unless the gang is larger than 5 people, then two inspectors will be required. If there are two gangs working, even in a close proximity we need two inspectors present.)
  2. Any equipment needed to be on the property must be approved; therefore a list of required equipment will be required in the email.
  3. A time estimate for work that needs to be preformed.
  4. Contact name and phone number if the person(s) who will be present on site and a contact of who will be managing the project will be required.