Lease Agreements

Property Lease Procedure

1. Submit Application for property lease.
2. The Real Estate Committee will then review your request at one of its monthly meetings.
3. If the Real Estate Committee decides that the area is able to be leased to you without effecting railroad operations and it is something we are interested in working with you on. We will provide a proposal for the annual lease amount.
4. The Real Estate Department will then provide you with a lease for the designated area at which point this will be signed by you and returned to the railroad. At this point you will be able to begin using the property.

Please note that all requests will not be approved and therefore you need to gain approval before using any property, as you will be treated as a trespasser.

These standard agreements are posted for REVIEW ONLY.
Actual agreements are prepared by our Lease Preparation Department.
Please know that the agreement templates you see on our website are our standard agreements. We have executed hundreds of these agreements over the last 20 years without any alterations to the language contained in them. Only on extremely rare cases have we agreed to change the language of our agreements, of which changes were minimal. Should you, your company, or your counsel desire any alterations to an agreement, there will be a $200 per hour review fee with a minimum of three hours that must be paid prior to our review. The payment is non-refundable and does not guarantee in any way that the revisions will be agreed to.

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